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Rapid execution, flexible deployment and scalable technology

Order execution plays a key role in the enterprise architecture of best execution and increased profitability. Utilization of the CMA OMS provides for the lowest latency coupled with automated processing necessary for seamless integration of both internal and external trading systems.

Through CMA’s OMS a trader has the ability to utilize cutting edge technology from pre-trade to clearance covering all necessary steps along the path such as smart order routing and compliance.


Increased productivity

  • The CMA OMS provides sophisticated order management for support of all types of execution strategies from algorithmic, single stock, futures, options and special order types. Users get complete access to an integrated suite of applications that help manage and automate the front, middle and back office systems.
  • With Risk Management controls in place and fully integrated to CMA Trade Hub (Global Broker Dealer Network), CMA Series 4, CMA Series 4 Mobile and CMA AlgoTrader firms all over the world can rely on CMA for a complete solution along the STP (Straight Through Processing) chain.

Fully customizable

  • Fast, easy set-up allows for classification of traders and clients by profile, with specific order procedures for each.
  • All order types supported such as individual orders, basket or block orders, administrative, reporting and so on
  • Customizable to fit specific needs i.e., multiple languages, currencies and databases.


  • Automatically generate managerial, regulatory and audit trail reports
  • Send updates, reports and notification changes via email
  • Managed and supported by dedicated staff providing round-the-clock technical support.
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