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In a high frequency, low latency trading environment the professional investor requires the most efficient and still the fastest real time market data in order to discover and act on profitable opportunities. Precise execution begins with a reliable market data platform that enables trading at the user's desired intervals.

CMA Series 4 complies with all of the necessary elements to make profitable transactions each and every time. Through its user friendly design and all of the features needed for professional trade executions, CMA Series 4 empowers professional traders with the use of next generation tools, market views and strategies to achieve an edge in the market and over competition.

The system's layout, menu and its minimum number of clicks needed to configure and personalize the tool-set, allow for new functionality to be implemented with a simple mouse-click. Direct trading throughout all views, charts, news, and reports are only a few other advantages of how CMA Series 4 can help enhance your firm's trading strategies.

In addition to supplying traders all over the world with our products and services, CMA also invites the opportunity to customize and even "brand" or "whitelabel" CMA Series 4 as your own.

  • You choose the colors, shades, grids, labels and icons
  • Add your company's style format and logo
  • Offer CMA Series 4 to your clients and trading counterparties


CMA Series 4 efficiently displays all global real-time market data, news and other information and all asset classes.


CMA provides a complete view of the global market with market data access of over 100 exchanges and all major asset classes: equities, derivatives, FX, fixed income, futures and options, treasuries, bradies, bonds, eurobonds, ETFs, yield curves, indices, rates and indicators.

Physicals and Commodities: Soy bean, Wheat, Live Cattle, Cocoa, Sugar, Copper, Gold, Gasoline, etc.


Customers of CMA rely on our ability to identify and post news and other information that impacts the price of their vehicles in the market. International and Local News (economics, financial, politics, corporate, sector related, agricultural and even climate) with special news stories from Leia, Safras and the Mercado news agencies.

Fundamental and Sector Analysis

The news matters greatly to our customers, therefore we have developed a complete analytical coverage mechanism to manage the fluctuation of listed securities (Fixed Income and Stocks) and agricultural information. .

Agricultural Analysis

Agriculture plays a key role on the Brazilian Futures and Commodities market. CMA provides Daily and Weekly analysis of the physical and futures commodities markets provided by Safras & Mercado, the leading commodities agency in Brazil.



CMA Series 4 is the latest release of sophisticated tools and resources that allow users to identify trading opportunities. CMA Series 4 provides graphs modules, cross & ranking, times & sales, statistics, alarms, options, blotters, among others to anticipate market moves and do cross reference analysis.


Risk Management

  • Our risk control metrics allow for the creation of personalized benchmarks for comparison with your full portfolio across all asset classes
  • Real time views into P&L with individual securities risk analysis
  • We help with the simulation of rebalancing portfolios with pre determined risk aversion and parameters.


CMA Series 4 has a unique set of flexible tools that allow users to trade from all system modules and windows, tracking open and executed multi-asset class orders

OCMA Series 4 is also pioneering the capability of modifying, cancel and replace, any open order directly from your graph with a simple mouse click.

Order entries can be fully customized for your trading preferences.

CMA Series 4 users can also trade from:
  • Quotes Module
  • Strategies module (with the option of manual or automatic execution)
  • Alarms Module· Graphs· Blotter
  • Blotter inside a graph
  • Portfolio or Basket
  • Portfolio Manager· Options Module
  • News Module
  • CMA RTrader
  • Algorithms

Portfolio and Basket Manager

CMA Series 4 tool-set also includes the ability to consolidate and manage multiple portfolios, compare sectors, rates, and build a real time P&L monitor.

CMA Trading Box

Clients can use CMA’s Instant Messenger functionality to build IOI’s (Indication Of Interest) with other participants. Participants can enter into multi-asset class quote negotiations and log all communications regarding chat exchanges through use of trading templates, masks, file exchanges, etc.

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