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Teleticker Datafeed

Real Time Quotes & News for your Network or Application

The CMA Teleticker is a high performance trading tool that deliver quotes and news (records and page based) in real time from a large selection of the market data and news sources. This includes over 100 stock, stock options, futures, and commodities exchanges from Europe, North America, and South America.

The CMA Teleticker is accessible over a dedicated private line for low-latency delivery or through an IP/VPN for real-time delivery. The data delivered can play a key role feeding internal servers, the enterprise and custom applications. Teleticker also comes complete with a tool kit to allow firms to integrate this data solution into its own applications as a “white-labeled” offering.

Key Benefits
Consolidated market data from over 100 exchanges around the world at your fingertips.
Multi linked delivery for live and failover connectivity.
Proactive technical support working 24/7 to assist you at any time.
Delivery methods: TCP/IP, UDP, XML , Asynchronous Snap Quotes, and Monitor Pages available for your information needs.
Up/Down Direction indicators.
Scrolling News - Customize your news by following the symbols you care about and our scrolling news feature will provide you with up-to-date headlines. Want the full story? Simply click the headline and the full article opens.
Expansive Market Coverage - View a large selection of industry news in order to be informed about the companies you invest in.
Low Latency Coverage - Experience market data like you've never experienced it before; virtually no lag providing for an extremely accurate second by second feed.
Simple Third Party Integration - Our datafeed is built from the ground up to be used in third party software in order for the client to connect their own products with out datafeed.
Our servers are located globally, so your connection to our services are guaranteed wherever you go.
Constant improvement and innovation in order to provide you with tomorrow's technology today.

Contact us today to hear more about how CMA can deliver the world’s market data to your firm

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