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CMA Group

Consulting, Methods, Advisory and Mercantil known as CMA, is a Sao Paolo, Brazil headquartered global financial services company. Since 1973 CMA has been developing high-tech solutions for capital markets all over the world.

CMA is an industry leader of: Market Data, Trading Systems and Global Connectivity for all parts of a mission critical trading environment.

Our Mission
To provide key technology solutions, streamline information systems, develop and optimize communications software and to keep leading competitive solutions in place for our clients.

Our Vision
We hope to continue to be recognized as global leader provider specialized and integrated technology solutions for the capital markets of stock, options, foreign exchange, futures and commodities.

CMA operates three main business units
  • CMA Market Data Unit
  • CMA Trade Solution Unit
  • CMA Global Connection Unit
We operate 12 subsidiary companies with offices throughout the United States, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Colombia serving clients in 34 countries.

CMA Market Data Unit
CMA produces low latency, real time global market data for exchanges, market data providers, broker/dealers and retail end users.

CMA Trade Solution Unit
CMA’s solutions are complete for a full STP (Straight Through Processing) trading architecture. This business unit is dedicated to developing a sophisticated set of systems for electronic trading. The results are award winning OMS (Order Management Systems) that focus on increasing productivity and eliminating of errors for a reliable and lucrative infrastructure.

CMA OMS (Order Management System)
Order execution plays a key role in the enterprise architecture of best execution and increased profitability. Utilization of the CMA OMS provides for the lowest latency coupled with automated processing necessary for seamless integration of both internal and external trading systems. See more...

CMA Trade Hub
Introducing the world’s largest complete market data and trading platform for the capital markets in Brazil. The CMA Trade Hub also provides international institutions full access to the key liquidity providers of the Brazilian, Mexican and other Latin American markets. See more...

CMA Series4
In today’s market place, the professional investors require the leanest and yet fastest real time systems that help identify valuable trading opportunities. An opportunity for an investor can only be successful when it is executed precisely. See more...

CMA RTrader
Designed for the more advanced programmer, the CMA RTrader provides firms with the software necessary to create their own algorithms or trading tools. CMA RTrader is a DLL component that can be used by applications compiled in a windows environment.

CMA Global Connection
CMA allow companies such yours, to connect via FIX to one of our CMA Trade Hubs, Located in Sao Paulo, or New York, or Spain, and send electronic order routing to one our ‘Participants”. Not need to use our Trading software, just connect via FIX.

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