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09/16 10:41CMA Announces Electronic Trading Certification with Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) [pdf]
07/30 01:30The Latin American Market Data and Trading Company Announces Direct BM&F BOVESPA Connectivity [pdf]
01/31 09:12CMA Reges Digitais Activates Exchange Connectivity from New York to Sao Paulo [pdf]
09/27 13:45CMA Sees Brazil Trading Volume Doubling On Petrobras Shares [pdf]
08/25 13:51CMA Launch Proximity LatAm Exchange Market Data in New York City Data Center [pdf]
08/04 14:10CMA Brazilian Trading Solutions Leader to Sponsor FPL Latin American Conference in Brazil [pdf]
06/28 23:46CMA Enables Trading with SLW Corretora de Valores e Cambio for BVMF Exchange Trading [pdf]
06/09 10:15CMA Broadens Trade Hub Connectivity with Colombian Exchange Trading through InterBolsa [pdf]
04/20 22:45CMA Trade Hub Activates Santiago Stock Exchange Direct Market Access Leader LarrainVial S.A. [pdf]
03/11 12:14DJ Quant Funds Gain A Foothold In Brazil's Expanding Market
03/08 18:24CMA Connects Grupo Santander to Trade Hub for Mexican Derivatives Exchange Trading [pdf]
03/03 17:49CMA Announces Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Market Data and Trading with Casa de Bolsa Finamex [pdf]
02/16 11:11CMA Expands ISV Market Data and Execution Services with BBVA Bancomer for Mexican Derivatives Trading [pdf]
02/03 11:39CMA Announces Sao Paulo Based Proximity and Collocation for Brazil Exchange Trading Community [pdf]
01/18 14:53CMA and build Cross-Border Gateway with US and LatAm Equity and Equity Options Trading Institutions [pdf]
12/20 10:55CMA announces LatAm Investments LLC available on Trade HUB Final [pdf]
11/30 09:00CMA releases new ON-NET connectivity pricing model to access Latin American Exchanges and trading institutions [pdf]
11/23 13:28CMA announces “Algoritmos” an algorithmic trading solution, now available on CMA Trade Hub the world’s largest Latin American trading network [pdf]
04/02 12:46NYFIX Marketplace Expands into Latin America with CMA Partnership [pdf]
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